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Benefits of Concrete

Investing in your curb appeal with professional concrete not only looks great, it can also greatly reduce maintenance, give you a look that will last for years to come and increase the value of your property.

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Looks Great

As a durable and versatile building material, stamped concrete serves as a modern flooring choice – especially for home owners looking to add depth to their floors without stretching their budget. Stamped concrete is a suitable choice for homeowners looking to experiment with style. Whether chosen for style or practical purposes, stamped concrete provides home owners a wide range of choices!
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Low Maintenance

The surface of stamped concrete is even, smooth, and easy to walk on. All this makes it cheaper to maintain. Cleaning stamped concrete also requires minimal effort, especially since a protective seal guards it from damage. A mild soap is sufficient to keep the surface in pristine condition. It is also less likely to crack, thereby preventing weeds from sprouting from the ground.
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Very Durable

Stamped concrete is a great choice for home owners looking for aesthetically pleasing designs and a durable material. This is because stamped concrete has a denser surface than conventional concrete, due to the use of color hardeners which form protective layers. This greatly elongates the life of stamped concrete. Do you know? Well maintained stamped concrete flooring can last up to 25 years!
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Professional Service

At TruForm, we take great pride in making your project perfect. From professional concrete contractor services to the best tile work in the Twin Cities, our focus is making your space look amazing - from start to finish.

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